Myth Busters about Sex Toys Usage – I

The concept of sex toys is not new and even in the most ancient sex literature “Kama sutra” you would find people using several items for their sexual pleasure. However, the concept of using and buying them has changed completely and now, people that were hesitant of going to adult sex shops are also buying them.

Thanks to the emergence of the Internet that the companies have come up with their online stores to help people buy whatever they want right from their homes. This has helped people buy these sex toys from any online adult shop, but the same concept hasn’t been able to removing the myths that people have in their minds. In this blog series, we will continuously learn about these myths and the facts associated with them.

The very first myth that people have is that they are only for those who have a bad sexual experience. The fact is completely opposite as the owners of adult sex shops say that most people buy them for having fun and adding more spice to their sex life. According to them, a majority of buyers are couples who say that they are fully satisfied with each other, but want to try something new.

Another very major myth related to them is that they are addictive. However, it’s fake news about them and ask any online sex shop Adelaide owner and you would get a reply that there is nothing bad or harmful about using sex toys. The only prerequisite is that they have to be properly used. An owner of an online adult store told me that to some extent, it is true that the people might get used to using them. But he also added that this is not any kind of addiction and those wanting to switch back can come back to normal routine masturbation or having sex with the partner.

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