Adult Toys And Sex Trends Predicted For 2016

Recently an online adult shop located in England conducted a research and traced out the sex trends that are going to rule over the next year. In this post, we will review, what does this online adult store has to say about the trending sex ideas for 2016.

Sex trends for 2016

According to them, just like previous few years, dirty talks, sex chat, sex toys and kinky bedroom antics will rule. Another study conducted by another online adult shop Adelaide reveals that the last five years have seen a complete transformation in the way we presume sex and sex toys. This study reveals that now we are always expecting something adventurous and new while having sex.

Role of sex toys

We also know how to bring this adventure and newness to the routine activity and therefore, we head straight towards an online adult store Adelaide to purchase adult toys. This very thinking has helped a lot in removing the tag of “taboo” from the sex. Below are the pointers that mention some more changes that have emerged in the past few years.

  • 83 percent females say that they are confident while telling their partner what they expect from them during sexual intercourse. It would be shocking to know that in 2009, only 67 percent women agreed with this point.
  • Currently, more than 74 percent couples admit visiting an online adult shop Adelaide to purchase a sex toy of their choice. This has grown from 38 percent in 2011.
  • 82 percent couples admit that buying a sex toy from an online adult store Adelaide and using them while on the bed makes them more contented, exciting and feel more adventurous. This stat has swelled by 11 percent as compared to the last 5 years.
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