Reasons That Make Glass Dildos Better Than All Other Versions

Seriously, I come across this question a number of times and I often answer that it basically depends upon what you are actually looking for in a dildo. For first time buyers, it can be really difficult to make a selection, but I feel that eventually, everyone would prefer the glass version because of different reasons. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

I’ll start with this point as with dildo usage, this happens to be the most-needed thing. The glass dildos available at THE VIBE – the best online adult shop Adelaide are made up of the glass known as Pyrex. The experts from this online adult store Adelaide say that this glass is used in the manufacturing of medical devices and equipments, household glassware, and even glass containers. Since, it is non-porous glassware, you can be assured that it’ll not absorb any liquid and thus keeping cleanliness with them is extremely easy.

At The VIBE, we have an online adult store where customer care staff is extremely concerned about the safety of the users. The reason why they recommend glass version is that in the past few years, it has been researched that plastic and rubber dildos have some cancer causing agents and the most dangerous is the phthalates. As far as the glass versions is concerned, they don’t have phthalates or any other cancer causing agents and thus, you can be assured about your safety while using them.

The fact about dildos is that they are really expensive, no matter whether you buy them from THE VIBE on any other online adult shop. Therefore, you would want them to be extremely durable and this is something that only glass dildos can give you. The reason is again that they are made from Pyrex that is relatively stronger than other materials used in dildo manufacturing. As compared to rubber, plastic or PVC versions, the glass version requires lesser maintenance and this is something very significant for the users.

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