Some Facts about Sex Toys Adelaide That You Should Know

You must be using sex toys Adelaide for years now, but my question to you is how much general knowledge you have about them. I am sure, you must be having all the technical information about them and this is why I am not touching that topic in this post. In this write-up, I’ll be sharing some of the strangest and weirdest facts about them.Adult Shop Adelaide

Note – These facts are from across the globe and not just from Australia. So let us know some of these facts about these sex toys Adelaide.

Fact # 1

The first fact is that the very infamous rabbit was originally crafted in Japan. The strange thing is that in Japan, crafting phallically shaped toys is against the law and this is why the manufacturers went with the cutter design. Now it is one of the most selling adult toy Adelaide in global sex shop online.

Fact # 2

Another fact is that across the globe, more than 50 percent women own a vibrator. Therefore, if you still don’t own one, it’s time for you to visit an online Adult shop Adelaide, buy one and join the bandwagon.

Fact # 3

History tells us that the world’s first vibrator was as much as 40 pounds heavy and it required two persons to operate. (Source: The Technology of Orgasm: “Hysteria,” the Vibrator, and Women’s Sexual Satisfaction)

Fact # 4

Researches reveal that women who use vibrators on a regular basis are more likely to make all of their appointments with the gynecologist. Moreover, only they successfully perform that very important once-in-month visual check up.

Fact # 5

In Sweden, a man was once caught trying to hump a bicycle. (I am still trying to figure out, how it is possible)

Fact # 6

Across the globe, of all the sex toys Adelaide sold, more than 84 percent are those used for clitoral stimulation.

Fact # 7

Another fact is that women in a relationship are the most likely to use them.

Fact # 8

More than 3.35 million people Google this term “sex toys” every month.

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