Tips on Traveling With Sex Toys Adelaide

At THE VIBE, I often come across a query on the emails that I get on a daily basis. That query is about travelling with sex toys and most people raise a concern that they have no idea of carrying this tool with them on holidays. Most of these question-raisers are girls and most of them want to carry BOB or Battery Operated Boyfriend (that’s what I call the toys used by females) without facing embarrassment.

Here are some tips that would simplify this confusion.

Adult Shop Adelaide

Sex Toys Adelaide

Tip # 1

My first tip is that they should firstly check the restrictions and this is what most ladies often ignore. They should get in touch with the company that they are traveling with to know their policies regarding these sex toys Adelaide.

Some companies do have policies and some have none, so you need to be confirmed about the same before you pack this tool in your luggage.

TIP #@ 2

Removing the batteries

If you have discovered that you can carry them, it is advised to take them in the way you got it from the sex shops Adelaide. Here I mean to say that you should remove the battery, if it’s a battery operated tool. This would be helpful for you in terms of usage as well as during security checks.

TIP # 3

Packing them in a plastic wrap

This tip again says that you need to carry them the way you received them from the sex shop online Adelaide, i.e. in a clear plastic bag. First reason behind this is that it will keep them clean and secondly, they will be clearly visible and you will not have to touch them to show during security checks.

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