Importance of Shape, Size and Intensity in Sex Toys Adelaide

No matter how advance and modern we may get, some topics would continue to be a taboo and one of them is using sex toys Adelaide. But this has not affected the sale and it is increasing day by day with the emergence of more and more shops on and off the Internet.

the_vibe_pics_6_020However, experts say that you should be extra-careful than what you are when you buy general merchandise. If even the smallest doubt is prevailing in your mind, you can use the following guide before hitting the online adult shop or adult store.

Consider the shape, sensation and intensity you want

As you imagine a dildo, the first picture coming in the mind is of a huge dildo made up of plastic or other materials. While buying from an adult sex shop, you should

  • Firstly, think as to how much self-pleasure you want to drive?
  • Secondly, are you focusing on the clitoris or the G-spot (or both)?
  • Thirdly, do you enjoy intense and localized sensations?
  • Do you prefer sensations to spread its effect around the vulva?
  • Do you need it in the same way every time or something that can perform in a variety ways?

Based on the answers to these questions, you can select one of the 16 different kinds of vibrators available at every sex shop. They are –

  1. Clitoral vibrators
  2. Dildo-shaped vibrators
  3. Egg or bullet vibrators
  4. Waterproof vibrators
  5. Rabbit vibrators, Two-pronged for stimulation of both the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously
  6. G-spot vibrators
  7. Programmable and remote-control vibrator
  8. Pocket rocket mini-vibrator
  9. “Undercover” vibrators
  10. Anal vibrators
  11. “Butterfly” Vibrator
  12. Vibrating cockring vibrators
  13. Dual area vibrators
  14. Triple area vibrators for stimulating the vagina, clitoris and anal regions
  15. Multispeed Vibrators
  16. Smart vibrators



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