Vibrators Available At Online Adult Shops

At online adult shops, you’ll get a whole plethora of toys, but the satisfaction that vibrator gives is completely unmatched. With its help, you can achieve topmost quality orgasm and physical contentment, every time you use it. In this post, we discuss the different kinds of vibrators you can pick from at an adult shop.

Types of vibrators

As mentioned above, you can get a huge variety in many shapes, sizes and designs. While at an adult sex shop to buy one for personal use, you should determine the kind of stimulation you want at the time of selection. Based on this self-assessment, you would be able to pick one from the following list.

G-Spot vibrators
Its main feature is the curve that is specifically given to touch your G-Sport and stimulate it hard.

Straight vibrators
It is used by users who like pinpoint stimulation.

Dual stimulator
This model found at an online adult shop is also called “Rabbit Vibrator” and it is a combination of G-Spot stimulator and the clitoral vibrator.

Clitoral stimulator
This version is generally designed to pinpoint clitoris and stimulate it. It can comfortably fit into the shape of your hand.

Clitoral Ticklers
This variant works by moving the clitoris back and front for stimulation. It’s design mimics a butterfly or rabbit’s ears.

Body wands
They can be purchased from any adult shop and plugged into the power supply to get some of the strongest vibrations.

Other than these, at adult sex shops, you’ll find several other kinds of vibrators and some of the most popular one’s are discussed below.

  • Bullet Vibrators
  • Jelly Vibrators
  • Remote Controlled Vibrators
  • Waterproof Vibrators
  • Metal Vibrators
  • Cock Rings

They can be made up of the following materials –

  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Cyber skin
  • Jelly
  • Metal
  • Elastic
  • Latex
  • Rubber
  • Glass



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